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I doubt she will remember this particular day or any of the small details that made it so perfect. However, I suspect that every time she views this photograph, she will remember her mother’s heart and deep love for her!

Childhood captured, Love remembered.

2017 Sunset Beach Portrait sessions starting @ $350 (all inclusive).

Destin | Santa Rosa Beach | 30-A  (and beyond)

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“Say Goodbye, Say Hello” 

I just love this moment captured in the photograph! And it really spoke to my heart <3

(1st) about all the things I wish every bride would say goodbye to…stress, anxiety, wedding planning concerns, and the hundreds of other details that can stress out a new bride! I HIGHLY encourage every bride to hire a LOCAL WEDDING PLANNER in the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, 30-A, area. On average a bride with a wedding planner SAVES 30% overall (depending on who you hire).

I always recommend and have known the owners for years and they are personal friends. Most of the weddings on my site were coordinated, directed, and various other decor, rentals, and services provided by Serene Occasion owner’s Jessica & Sean Miller. Along with many of the other vendors they use and recommend based on a bride’s personal needs, the results are always amazing and it truly shows up in the photographs 😀 From elopements, simple small family weddings, to the full blown out celebration, it’s always tailored to each bride’s desires!

(2nd) I want each bride to say hello to… the love, joy, excitement, and fun of the wedding day experience! I want each bride to embrace each moment and be present so I can capture the day naturally as it unfolds! Wedding Photography is unique and unscripted, but yet must flow and function with the timing and the details. Emotions are delicate and the genuine smiles, tears, and love will be remembered forever!

So take a deep breath, relax, and let this truly be the best day of your life!

say goodbye to the DIY mentality and let the Wedding Professionals help you! We truly love what we do and want the best for you!

Michelle Castle Photography

elopement photography starting @ $800

small family wedding photography starting @ $1,500

full day wedding photography starting @ $3,000





Another gorgeous Sunrise Session in the Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach area, just east of 30-A. So many perfect locations along the Emerald Coast for family beach portraits!



this double wedding was 2x the love and joy! Here’s the start of a sneak peek full of  loveliness <3

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Every year for 5 years I have photographed this wonderful family in Rosemary Beach, FL at the end of scenic 30A. And each year they keep bringing me more cute kids!!! One of the things I truly appreciate about them is their fun, sweet spirit, flexibility, and that they have stuck with me regardless of weather and lighting conditions, colors, etc each year! This year we hit the jackpot with the most gorgeous watercolor sunset after a lifestyle shoot on the green lawn / garden area. Enjoy!